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Interior Designer In Surrey & White Rock BC:

It may be cold outside, but we are already gearing up for next year. Our most exciting news is the addition of our CSA program for South Central Indiana.

From our many years of experience, we know that different homes have different needs. If you to engage us as your best interior designers, you will enjoy the services of experts. In addition to being professionals, they have good knowledge to help you identify the window treatments that are best for your home.

This is the triangle between Bloomington, Greenwood and Plainfield. We receive many requests to design and deliver a CSA program that focuses on local organics, and allows for our member families to be part of the farm and to further our mission of being sustainable “plus”. Sustainable plus? What is that? We believe in building a farm that works along the three pillars of sustainability: economics, environment and community.

We must be economically viable in order to ensure that we can interact sustainably with our environment and community for the long run. “Plus” means that we also work to heal what has been damaged from the soil our plants grow in to the relationship between the farmer and the people in the community that consume local food.

So please, take a tour around our web site…get a feel for our farm and our families. We hope that you will support us by becoming a member of our CSA, purchasing our food through a retailer or farmer’s market or just putting out a good word – that you found this farm that is working to make a difference.